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About Chris:

      Chris Boyer started working with horses at an early age and was fortunate to learn from New Mexico horseman Johnny Taylor, an apprentice of Ray Hunt.  He worked with Taylor for several years, learning communication and an understanding of horses that was not widely spread at that time.  
      Chris went on to successfully compete in rodeos throughout the east coast as a tie down roper and after 15 years on the rodeo circuit he began training horses full time.  Seeing an immense amount of poor and abusive methods of horse training fueled Chris's desire to help horses by teaching people.  He realized that by training horses he could only help one horse at a time, but if he gave people the knowledge they were lacking, he could help hundreds.
     Starting literally hundreds of colts and working with dangerous horses, Chris developed a style of horse training that is now widely known as natural horsemanship.  Chris has trained horses of all breeds and disciplines, including police horses, grand prix level hunter jumpers, dressage warmbloods,  race track thoroughbreds, reining horses and champion endurance horses.  
      He is consulted by both English and Western riders  who want to understand and correct problems  that occur during training or in the horse's behavior. 

About Shelby:

CB Horsemanship in Lake County Fl
Shelby Meredith has worked at Chris Boyer Horsemanship for 7 years. Shelby competed in the 2019 Extreme Mustang Makeover placing in the final top 10. She is a graduate from the College of Central Florida with a bachelors degree in Business that specializing in Equine studies. Shelby is actively training horses daily with Chris as well as handling some of  the day to day business and all social media for Chris Boyer Horsemanship. 

"In the last few years I have learned so much. Chris's ability to teach and communicate with both people and horses still amaze's me." ~Shelby 
Chris Boyer
CB Horsemanship
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