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Horse Training:

Colt Starting/ Foundation Training

Regardless of what breed, discipline, or purpose you plan to use your horse for, the first few months of his training directly influence his entire career and future.  Through round penning, ground work, and preparation, our colts transition smoothly under saddle in a way that accelerates their ability to learn and excel at advanced maneuvers.  This will equip him with a foundation that will stay with him the rest of his life.



Correction and Handling of Behavioral Problems

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If your horse is aggressive, over reactive, dangerous, or simply not behaving how you would like on the ground or under saddle, we can help! Most often, these behaviors occur due to miscommunication or lack of a foundation in the horse's training. Some problems are simply irritating, such as: not standing still to mount, being difficult to lead, pulling back when tied, headset problems, refusing to trailer load, builds speed, or won't stop.  Other problems escalate into dangerous behavior, like bucking, bolting, rearing, striking/kicking, spooking, and biting.  We have the knowledge, skills, and extensive experience to alleviate these problems, while teaching the owner how to maintain a safe, willing equine partner.

Want to take your horse's training to the next level and elevate your horsemanship?  Let us help you develop the body control and suppleness necessary to perform advanced maneuvers (i.e. leg yielding, side-passing, two-tracking, collection, shoulder control and lead changes).

Performance Training

One month of training includes:
-Quality hay and grain 
-Training 6 days a week 
CB Horsemanship
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