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Sharlene Strauss


Chris came into our lives because of a horse that he had listed on I watched his video and sent him an email to compliment him on the behavior and respect the horse had shown. At that same time I expressed the terrible time I was having with my two geldings. He immediately called me (I was shocked) and offered help. The following weekend he was at my home and ready to problem solve. I had been doing a Natural Horsemanship program with my one gelding for at least 3 years. It seemed to be at a point where the horse no longer wanted to respond. I was so frustrated.  I was ready to give up. Chris worked with me for 3 days, round penning, desensitizing, rein control, and riding. He was great, he is serious about what he does and his delivery in some cases, was a bit different, but I hung in there and the results were amazing. Within those 3 days something happened for both me and my 2 geldings that changed all of us. I am now riding with confidence and my horses are much more respectful, both in the saddle and on the ground. I cant wait to have him come back in the spring to move on.  Thanks Chris, your expertise saved us.

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Jocelyn Bluto

Rhode Island

I had observed Chris Boyers training regimen in his clinics, dealing successfully with bucking, resistance to bridling, trailer manners and other behavioral issues.  Therefore, I sent my newly purchased 3 year old filly from N. Dakota to Chris's facility.  She had been accustomed to acres of range and minimal human contact or normal domestic behavioral activity.  Chris established a strong foundation of groundwork, creating respect, trust and communication.  At 3 weeks, with no trauma, my once raw horse was prepared for her 1st ride.  In 2 additional weeks, I was riding her as Chris  worked with both of us to establish a relationship of communication and trust.  After 2 months Dakota (my filly) was moved to her home stable where our mutual bond and training have continued with Chris's tutelage.  Chris's instruction is learner based and tailored to the individual needs of each horse and rider. His personalized plan has led to great success and confidence in both horse and rider.

Pam Sackett


To say that Chris Boyer saved my life is probably an understatement.  About a year ago, my horse had kicked me in the head, nearly killing me and definitely killing my confidence. A few months later, she kicked my husband in the rib cage and a month after that, me again, in the ribs! By then, I was scared to death of her and was afraid to be around her at all. In fact, I had lost my confidence around the horses altogether. I tried to sell the mare, give her away, or get a horse rescue to take her, all unsuccessfully...

Then I met Chris Boyer ...and he changed everything. I remember him saying "Lady, you need help!" -

"No joke", I replied, "She's going to kill me!"

We made arrangements for Chris to come to our place and help me.

Sugar responded immediately to Chris. His method of communication is very clear and direct and she knew that he wasn't fooling around! He began to move her feet forward, backward, left and right - gaining her attention and respect within moments. She began to relax under his leadership and really crave his attention. Before my very eyes he transformed my pushy and disrespectful mare into a calm, respectful and well behaved horse. I was amazed and yet it was so clear. That poor horse had not been getting the leadership that she needed. The problem was ME!

Over the next couple of lessons, Chris taught me how to effectively communicate to gain respect and control of my horse. He taught me that I am # 1 and my horse is #2. Chris taught me techniques for round penning and groundwork, as well as how to properly tack up my horse, safely mount and dismount and how to do an emergency one-rein stop. My horses are getting softer and more responsive with every ride and I've never enjoyed them more!

Now, as I work and ride my horses, Chris's instructions continuously repeat themselves in my head. His teaching style is that effective! After over 50 years of doing things the wrong way and being unsafe, I'm now using the knowledge Chris gave me to enjoy my horses, both on the ground and in the saddle. I'm no longer just a passenger on my horse, but a responsible driver!

Because of Chris Boyer, I'm sure to spend the remainder of my golden years riding horses like I've always dreamed.

Larry Brillon

Rhode Island

I met Chris six years ago after he was referred to me as someone who could start my 3 year old colt (Cochise).  I was 56 years old and this was my first horse.  My horse had a good solid mind and a gentle eye; however he had never been ridden and had very little ground handling.   Consequently, we both required a lot of training.  I had seen some clinics teaching natural horsemanship techniques and I knew that was the method I wanted for my horse.   I needed someone who could teach me and my horse using this method of gentle communication.  I watched Chris work with a problem horse and I knew immediately that he was the person I wanted for my horse.

Cochise and I have a great relationship based on trust, leadership and communication built on the foundation laid by Chris.

Cochise is now 9 years old.  I take him

everywhere; we ride bridle less, go overnight camping and my grandchildren ride and do groundwork with him.

Thanks so much Chris!!


CB Horsemanship
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